Colors and shapes begin to teach children the concepts of"same" and "different." After learning colors and shapes, children can start to group objects together, which will become an invaluable part of learning how to count, add, and subtract. Being able to identify differences and similarities also increases analytical skills.

In view of this, Students of kindergarten of The Indian Community School, Khaitan celebrated 'Colour Week' from 30th April to 4th May 2017. Each day of the week is marked as a specific colour day. It was a week of learning through enjoyment and entertainment for the blooming buds. Students and the teachers dressed up in respective colour for the day and took part in various creative activities.

All children of kindergarten were dressed in different colours. Red Colour Day was celebrated on 30/4/2017, Green Colour Day on 01/5/2017, Yellow colour day on 2/5/2017, Orange Colour Day on 3/05/2017 and Blue / Pink Colour Day on 04/5/2017. Students appeared in their respective colours and presented a ravishing sight that made the campus look like a lovely flower garden.

The Colour Week celebration is held in the school every year. The children enjoyed the colour week with immense enthusiasm.