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A Legacy Of Achievement: The Indian Community School, Kuwait Shines Bright In CBSE Class XII Results

May 16, 2024 ICSK Senior

A Commendable 100% Pass Percentage With 96.86% Students Attaining Distinction and 174 Students above 90%

The students of The Indian Community School, Kuwait have once again showcased their outstanding academic prowess with their exceptional 100% result in the CBSE Class XII results. In a triumphant display of dedication and intellect, an impressive 96.86% of students achieved distinction, while a remarkable 174 students surpassed the 90% mark. This resounding success across the Science, Commerce and Humanities streams not only brings glory to the institution but also underscores the relentless efforts of parents, students and educators alike.

The results declared by the CBSE for the All India Senior School Certificate Examination 2023-24 on 13th May, 2024 reflect the meticulous preparation and unwavering commitment of ICSK's student body. With the largest number of examinees in Kuwait totaling 477, the highest examinees in the history of ICSK, the students conquered the pinnacle of success with 100% pass percentage. Such a stellar achievement speaks volumes about the academic rigor and holistic development fostered within the walls of ICSK.

Individual accomplishments further embellish the narrative of excellence at ICSK. Rea Sabu Pillai with an impressive score of 98.8 % in the Science stream, and Shifali Ishwar Nagdev securing the top position in Commerce with 98 % stand as shining examples of academic brilliance. Hannah Rael Zachariah’s stellar performance in the Humanities stream, clinching a remarkable 99.4 % further adds to the institution's accolades.


Gauri Krishnan, the second position holder in the Science stream has an aggregate percentage of 98.6% and Kanishka Ahujani bagged the third position with an aggregate of 98.4 %.  Jumana Mustansir Rampurwala scored the second position in the Commerce stream with an aggregate of 97.8 % and Saraah Salim Patel has secured the third position with 97.2% aggregate in Commerce stream. In the Humanities stream, Daanya Sajid Baig and Susan Jobi bagged the second position with 97.8%. The third position is bagged by Eman Mohammed Anas attaining an aggregate of 97.6%.

Moreover, the attainment of centum scores by 39 students in Painting, along with 8 in  Psychology, 5 in Information Technology,  1 in Business Administration, 1 in Physics, 3 in Chemistry, 1 in English, 2 in Fashion Studies, 3 in Food Production and 3 in Artificial Intelligence underscores the diverse talents nurtured at ICSK. 

Notable top scorers across various subjects further exemplify the breadth and depth of academic excellence prevalent within the student body. Cementing their places among the top scorers are Hannah Rael Zachariah – History – 96, Sharon Dennis George – Political Science – 89,  Hannah Rael Zachariah - Economics- 98, Drishya Roby, Farida Rifai, Hannah Kurian, Rea Sabu Pillai, Aziza Riyaz Hussain Kankroliwala, Kanishka Ahujani, Hannah Rael Zachariah, Madiha Irfan Shaikh – Psychology – 100, Hannah Rael Zachariah – Sociology – 99, Jasim Abdulla Aboobacker, Gauri Krishnan – Mathematics – 98, Gauri Krishnan – Physics – 100, Rea Sabu Pillai, Tarun Raja Rajesh, Moiz Mansoor Zakir – Chemistry – 100, Arthish Gani Anbukani, Eunice Kammu Dinjen, Israa Fatema, Zaima Mohamed Feroz, Aurelia Shabi, Rea Sabu Pillai – Biology – 97, Arva Husain Khokhar – Physical Education – 94, Adventa Grace Rajan, Ayana Eliza Rajesh, Afrah Hajira, Anson Kandathil Biju, Athul Binson Mavelil, Jasim Abdulla Aboobacker, Sharon Jaison, Chrislyn Ann Ginu, Janani Sethumadhavan, Shalabha Priyesh, Ananyaa Rajesh Thampi, Arva Husain Khokhar, Yusra Mohsin Rakhangi, Aahfila Ahamed Zulficar Ahamed, Susan Jobi, Angela Tresa Kurian, Asma Althaf, Eunice Kammu Dinjen, Israa Fatema, Mrudhuksha Das, Rafa Rizwan Patni, Hritika Nirmal Kademani, Lena Lukose, Tephin Daniel, Hitaishini Bhanumurthy, Raebel Shaju, Sharon Grace Pitta, Kanishka Ahujani, Khuzaima Saifee Bamaniyawala, Moiz Mansoor Zakir, Mohamed Fayaz, Shaafia Shoyeb Ali, Shifali Ishwar Nagdev, Vidhi Vijay Dodeja, Khadeeja Bishara Mustafa, Sakina Anis Bandukwala, Saleha Afsheen, Anwar Amjad Ziaul Hasan, Joann Mariam Jacob – Painting – 100, Jumana Mustansir Rampurwala – Accountancy – 98, Nikhitha Anil Nair – Dance -99, Jonina Miriam Abraham, Shaafia Shoyeb Ali – Home Science – 97, Jumana Mustansir Rampurwala, Rovel Nikhil Cuthinha – Entrepreneurship – 99, Tarun Raja Rajesh – Computer Science – 99, Hannah Rael Zachariah – English -100, Shifa Reni Peter, Yusra Mohsin Rakhangi, Aaron Rainer D Mello, Saraah Salim Patel, Taha Mohammed Hussain – Information Technology – 100, Nimah Sherin – Web Application- 95, Rea Sabu Pillai, Neha Ann Manoj, Hannah Rael Zachariah – Food Production – 100, Anagha Hombali – Marketing – 99, Saraah Salim Patel- Business Administration – 100, Jonina Miriam Abraham – Mass Media- 99, Daanya Sajid Baig, Eshita Mary Manoj – Fashion Studies – 100, Joanna Theres Alex, Nabaa Khan, Sanjana Venkatesan – Artificial Intelligence – 100.

Such commendable achievements are not solely the result of individual effort but are also a testament to the supportive ecosystem provided by ICSK. The dedication and guidance offered by the teaching faculty, coupled with the unwavering support of parents and the proactive involvement of the school management, have played pivotal roles in nurturing these young minds towards success.

As ICSK celebrates this remarkable feat, it reaffirms its commitment to excellence and the holistic development of its students. Through a blend of academic rigor, extracurricular enrichment and personalized mentorship, ICSK continues to mould future leaders and scholars poised to make meaningful contributions to society. This outstanding achievement serves as a testament to ICSK's unwavering dedication to educational excellence and its ongoing pursuit of nurturing well-rounded individuals primed for success in an ever-evolving world.



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